Life Key Sciences, LLC

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What We Do

All About You

Did you ever pounder WHY are you working, why are you sick, why are things slow in your life, why do you feel lost, why are you scared, why do you feel left out, why are you stuck with a relationship you despise, or why are you depressed without a way out from this  mess in which you sink like in quicksand? 

The Technical Stuff

We use methods know from ancient times, lost in history, rediscovered, scientifically explained and proven, shrouded with doubts for the ignorant,  hidden from the world to avoid conflicts and confusion, still efficient and resourceful for the few, who want to conquer the unknown, to be different. 

Our Expertise

We are here so you can find an answer to your questions. We became experts in finding and showing you what are the cause of your shortcoming and frustrations, so you can decide if you want to release your chains and grow wings to fly. We use life sciences which make sens and provide results.


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